Demolition and construction of the clubhouse expansion has begun!  Over the next few months, you will see activity on several fronts: 

July 2017

The basin and platform for the sewage ejection system to be installed under Wharf #2 have arrived (see pictures in links).

The platform is on a flatbed truck in the dry storage yard, soon to be placed on the junior dock from which it will be loaded onto a raft, floated under the wharf at low tide, and then lifted into place on the rising tide to be permanently installed and once again, never to be seen by most of us again.

If you have a chance to admire it on the junior dock later this week, you can impress you friends with some factoids during cocktail hour:

  • The platform will be occassionally in the water, and needs to be corrosion-resistant, hence fiberglass and not steel.
  • The fiberglass is 50% stronger than an equivalent steel platform.
  • The fiberglass is 40% lighter than an equivalent steel platform.
  • The fiberglass cost 50% less than an equivalent steel platform.

It was fabricated by Lera Glass in San Bruno for $8,000. The second bid was $12,000 and the third bid was determined to be incapable. Lera gave us a good price as this is apparently the first use of fiberglass for such a project in Monterey and they wanted a reference site for several anticipated similar projects where corroded steel is being replaced by fiberglass on the waterfront.

Once it's installed, the new main line of the plumbing can be installed, the galley and bar connected, and the bathrooms gutted. A big step forward.

Our dollars hard at work.

May 2017

  1. Installation of the sewage ejection system under Wharf #2.
  2. Framing of the walls and roof in the expansion area over the recently installed cantilevered joists.  (This expanded area is necessary for the bathrooms to become ADA compliant.  The expansion area includes space behind the galley;  although ADA expansion of the galley is part of the 2010 permit, galley expansion is left for subsequent funding and consideration.)
  3. Demolition and reconstruction of the bathrooms.
  4. Removal and replacement of the roof.  The deteriorating roof rail will be replaced by a guard wall, masking the HVAC equipment on the roof.
  5. Removal and replacement of the deteriorating deck rail.

During the demolition and construction phases, all efforts will be made to minimize inconveneince to members and special events, especially the summer sailing camp.  (Private parties and special events are still encouraged, but please work with the Commodore and Club Manager to schedule these around the construction schedule.)  Please be patient, and enjoy the ride.  Our collective investments in an improved clubhouse facility are underway.