Junior Sailing Program

Our Junior Program actively works to encourage young people’s interest and skills in boating. The club sponsors a variety of activities for junior members that range from local races to inter-club challenges with other junior groups. MPYC has an active high school sailing program that practices from August until May and competes at regattas throughout the state. As a public service, the club runs an annual Summer Sailing Camp for boys and girls ages 8 to 16 (see link for more information). The junior program at MPYC produces active, self-motivated, and competent sailors many of which continue to sail throughout their college career and beyond. Children, grandchildren and other young sailors known to members are encouraged to inquire about activities through the Junior Advisor.

Juniors on Local Television

An Ex-commodore and two MPYC Juniors are interviewed (it may take some time to load) on a local television program, Your Town.

Junior High School Racing Schedule

Stay up to date with Junior racing through the Pacific Interscholastic Sailing Association, their racing schedule can be found at here

Burgee of Merit for Outstanding Junior

2012 (Not Awarded)
2011 Cobi Allen
2010 Domenic Bove
2009 Jacob Paoletti
2008 Ashley Hobson
2007 Keely Scates
2006 Brian Hoover
2005 Cole Davis
2004 Greg Greenlee
2003 Luce Sahali
2002 Nick Ward
2001 Lauren Hobson
2000 Chris Ward
1999 Chris Ward
1998 Chris Ward
1997 RJ Ward
1996 Carrick Pierce
1995 Carrick Pierce
1994 Sharon Denning
1993 (not awarded)
1992 Patrick Whitmarsh
1991 Annelise Moore


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