MPYC Burgee

Founded in 1953 as a not-for-profit organization, the Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club is a yachting and social club comprised of over 400 adult and junior members who have an interest in sharing boating, sailing, yacht racing and social activities. Club membership is not limited to boat owners.



The size and participation in the Victoria fleet is building quickly, primarily because buying and maintaining a boat is extremely inexpensive and you are -almost- guaranteed to not get wet during the race.

The Victoria class is a fleet of Remote Control sailboats with the following specifications:


  • Length: 30.7"
  • Beam: 7.7"
  • Mast Height: 43"
  • Sail Area: 433 sq in.
  • Total displacement: 4.6 lbs.
  • Total Height (keel to masthead): 54"
Information about the Fleet is listed below:


For more information on joining the fleet, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..