Summer Sailing Camp

As the health and safety of our campers and instructors is paramount, we’ve made the decision to cancel the 2020 MPYC Summer Sailing Camp because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

If shelter-in-place restrictions are lifted during the summer, and it is safe to have group activities, we will open Summer Sailing Camp on a limited basis. At that time, we will contact everyone who participated last summer to let them know Camp will be open.

See the MPYC Coronavirus Article for information on all club closures.

Activities in Summer Sailing Camp happen in a variety of groupings, based on the experience of the camper, the topic, and the objective of instruction. Some activities, such as first day introductions and Camp expectations are covered in a whole group setting. Some activities, such as basic rigging, parts of the boat, boat control, weather/wind/current, knot tying, race tactics, etc. are completed in ability- or experience-based groups.  Other activities, including sand castle contests, art projects, games, and sailing relays, etc., may be completed in interest-based group rotations.

Campers must be able to swim at least 25 yards, wearing their wetsuits, without life jackets. Swim tests are given off the dock outside the Club. After initial instruction and swim tests, participants in Summer Sailing Camp are divided into three instructional groups of 4-8 campers each: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Instructional groups are based on experience and skill level. If there is a wide age or experience range at a particular session, we will also further divide the groups by experience and age so that 8 year olds are not necessarily paired with 17 year olds; and beginners are not paired with advanced groups.

Each group has its own Senior Instructor and two Staff Instructors, plus one Instructor Intern. Campers may rotate between groups as their skills increase, or in order to meet their specific needs. In general, younger campers often take more time to feel comfortable in mastering new skills; older campers often take less time and thus progress more quickly. The individual’s rate of progress is always perfectly acceptable! We don’t pressure campers to perform beyond their comfort level on the water. Whatever the camper’s age or level, it is our goal to make their sailing experience as safe, engaging, and enjoyable as possible!

Campers may participate in more than one group each day. For example, they might be in a whole group lesson in the morning, a skill-based sailing activity before lunch, and two different group activities in the afternoon.

Instruction is primarily hands-on, and activity based. Course outlines are available below.

Sailing instructors are needed for the 2020 Summer Sailing Program.  

Goal: To become a safe and increasingly independent FJ/Opti sailor

Goal: To become a safe and increasingly independent FJ/Opti sailor; to learn basic sailing rules and techniques that apply most often on the race course.