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Friday, February 14, 2020
  • Sea Bags of Maine Visit
    12:00pm - 02:00pm 

    Give new life to an old sail and recycle it into a custom and unique Sea Bag.  Through the Sea Bags of Maine Sail Trade Program, they make the process of getting rid of old sails easy.  For every usable sail donated, depending on size and condition, Sea Bags will offer customers Sea Bag product in trade. 

    Lori of Sea Bags of Maine will be coming to MPYC on Friday February 14th (at noon) to pick up used sails to recycle and make custom vintage sea bags.  Flyers will be posted at the Clubhouse and I encourage everyone to participate and to give new live to that old sail that is taking up room in your garage or attic and get a really cool sea bag in trade for your donation.  Sea Bags of Maine's representative Lori Wilhelmi can be reached at (206) 465-8132 or for more information.

    I know I will be donating some old sails and look forward to another vintage sea bag to add to my current collection with another useable and awesome recycled product made of our very own sails!

  • Valentine's Day Dinner
    05:00pm - 10:00pm 



    • POMEGRANATE SALAD mixed greens, candied walnuts, pomegranate pepitas, pomegranate vinaigrette

    2. choice of

    • BEET SALAD roasted beets, coconut chevre, toasted baguette, and balsamic reduction
    • BEEF TARTARE c.a.b. new york, capers, shallot, and parsley with toasted baguette and salt cured egg yolk
    • SMOKED SALMON cold smoked with oak leaves served with sour sorbet and pickled fennel

    3. choice of

    • FILET MIGNON served with porcini cream
    • PAN SEARED SCALLOPS with basil and pine nut gremolata
    • ROASTED SQUASH CURRY house green curry, kabocha squash, black eyed peas

    4. choice of

    • OLIVE OIL CAKE local olive oil, blackberries, and bay ice cream
    • CHOCOLATE CREMA INGLESE valhrona chocolate, olive oil, sea salt, toasted baguette
    • APPLE CRISP with vanilla ice cream and bourbon caramel