Club leadership continues the process of taking steps in reopening our clubhouse facilities and activities to our membership using a strategic phased-in approach.

Reopening Status

Racing Rowing Outside Dining Take-out Food Clubhouse Inside Dining

Masks required if not seated
Maximum 6 people per table
One guest per member or spouse
If no seats available we have take-out

More Information

Current Monterey County guidance also continues to evolve rapidly as this pandemic also evolves within our County and impacts both private and commercial activities. I assure you that MPYC leadership is closely monitoring these changes as they occur to assure that we are in compliance with all applicable regulations and guidance as it relates to our operations.  As these requirements change, so will our operations and activities at our Club.   Current Club policies and procedures will be posted and revised on an ongoing basis and will be included on our website as well as at the clubhouse. Current member guidance procedures will also be noted within the FAQ section (below) and communicated within weekly eblasts by our Club Manager so that all members are informed of our current activities and reopening status.  We will also detail our current procedures and applicable restrictions as they apply to member access and use of our clubhouse and our Club’s facilities.  

For now, these member procedures and House Rules remain quite simple…

While visiting our clubhouse, you must properly wear a mask.  If you have been seated and are eating food or drinks, you may take your mask off while doing so. However if you get up (for whatever reason) the mask goes back on.  One guest per member and/or spouse/domestic partner allowed. No more than 6 persons allowed at any table for any reason and no “table hopping” or swapping.  Staff will perform a  disinfection during any table change.  Due to ongoing concerns, we have also implemented an “Officer On Watch” system where Board members will be assigned and present during the most active times of service and clubhouse offerings. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to ask this attending host and/or the staff for appropriate direction.

MPYC leadership thanks you for your continued patience and understanding during this difficult time....  Please remember to follow our Club’s current procedures (as noted) so that we all may all stay and remain safe and healthy.  Thank you...

Michael A. Polkabla
Commodore MPYC


Stay Updated

Working Together

We continue to do everything we can to keep the clubhouse secure and to provide our members with a safe & healthful environment whenever visiting our Club.  We appreciate your continued cooperation and patience as we transition into our “New Normal” model and our phased-in reopening process in compliance with current City and County Health Department requirements and guidance.

  • Please continue to follow all relevant procedures as they are developed by recognized federal, state, and local agencies such as those listed above to protect yourselves, your family, our staff, and our communities.
  • See the Club specific activity for details below


See the FAQs developed (Updated August 16) to see if your specific questions have already been addressed.

The Clubhouse

  • In accordance with Monterey County Health Department guidance, the Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club remains closed while not staffed. This closure also specifically includes the physical Clubhouse, the bar, bathrooms, the deck, and the MPYC docks (with the exceptions and conditional use noted above). Note - The Clubhouse access doors have been (and currently remain) locked to key and fob access to all members (excluding staff and Flags) until further notice.
  • The Club remains closed to members (except during times where staff are present). The Clubhouse is specifically closed to guests and reciprocal club members at this time until further notice. This closure includes the clubhouse deck and our docks unless pre-arranged through our Port Captain and Race Chair.
  • The Club has also suspended reciprocal access to the club and docking facilities until further notice.

Dining & Bar Service

  • Masks required if you are not seated, no exceptions.
  • Tables no larger than 6
  • Guests permitted, no more than one guest per member or spouse.
  • If you do not have a seat, we can only offer to-go options.

Due to ongoing concerns, we have implemented an “Officer or Host on Watch” system where Board Members will be assigned and present during the most active times of service and clubhouse offerings. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to ask the attending host and/or staff for assistance.


  • With the emphasis on social distancing appropriate racing, and the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) on all boats, MPYC sponsored racing has resumed.  Please remember that this activity is a “privilege” and as such, we must do our part to comply with the rules and requirements established for such activity.
  • All boats and designated race committees are required to adhere to social distancing guidelines, and be equipped with appropriate PPE (such as face mask and face coverings) in accordance with current Monterey County Department of Public Health Guidelines.  Such guidance requires the use of face coverings while outdoors in public spaces when maintaining a physical distance of 6 feet from persons who are not members of the same household or residence is not feasible.  Hence, the use of face coverings shall apply while racing under such conditions and is a requirement of racing in any MPYC event until further notice.
  • Access into the Clubhouse following racing shall remain suspended except under the limited use conditions noted above.  
  • Please contact Race Chair Jean du Preez for further information regarding specific scheduled events.

Social Events

  • All private parties and outside events at the club remain suspended at this time until further notice. Please contact club management and/or the MPYC website calendar for further information on specific events already on the schedule.  Once private party services are restarted, a formal announcement will be distributed with access and use procedures included.

Juniors Summer Sailing

  • All junior access to within the clubhouse has been suspended until further notice.
  • A revised and limited summer sailing program (for advanced sailors only) has been developed and is currently underway.  Extensive COVID safety precautions have been developed and are in place for these current sailing program offerings.  
  • Planning is also underway for future junior activities at this time.  Contact our Junior advisor, Kate Conway, and Summer Sailing Coordinator, Dave MacEwen should be contacted for further information and status.
  • Contact our Junior advisor, Kate Conway, and/or Summer Sailing Coordinator, Dave MacEwen for further information and status. 

Paddleboarding (Conditional Solo Use Allowed):

  • The docks are open for conditional solo paddle boarding use by members at this time.  Conditions include that paddle boards are only used by solo members and that the boards are cleaned and hosed down following any personal use.  
  • Please note that the clubhouse (including bathrooms and interior areas) remains closed and does not allow entry or use for such paddleboarding related activities.
  • Please check FAQ section above for further details and/or contact our Port Captain (Sharron Halvorson) or Club Manager for more information

Rowing Access (Conditional Solo Use Allowed)

  • “K” dock (located adjacent to the Club’s seawall) is open for conditional solo rowing use at this time.  Conditions include use by solo club members under the guidance of Rowing Chair Rick Rosenthal and strict implementation of COVID related use and post use disinfection procedures.
  • Please note that the clubhouse (including bathrooms and interior areas) remains closed and does not allow entry or use for such paddleboarding related activities.
  • Please check FAQ section above for further details and/or contact Rowing Chair (Rick Rosenthal) for more information

New Memberships

  • Only applications with sponsors will be accepted at this time. All instructions and forms for submitting applications and sponsor guidelines are available on the Membership Page.

Any other items not addressed should be directed to the MPYC Commodore.


Thank you all for your patience and understanding during these difficult times.

Michael Polkabla - Commodore, MPYC
Dylan Jones - MPYC Club Manager
Dan Green - Bar and Galley Chair
Lola Hogan - House Committee Chair

MPYC Board of Directors:

Jean du Preez - Vice Commodore
Scott Brubaker - Rear Commodore
Sharron Frey - Staff Commodore
Jeff Kise - Treasurer
Ryan McMillen - Recording Secretary
Dana Russell - Corresponding Secretary

MPYC Directors:

Jan Loomis
Dave MacEwen
Lola Hogan
Todd Muck