When sports and money come together, wonderful things happen! You wonder what BadCreditLoansBear.Com and Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club have in common? Everything, when we are talking about the best in their domains. The team from Bad Credit Loans Bear Com has managed to become a champion in the Yacht Racing Spinnaker Cup, which has taken place recently.

The Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club has an impressive history of organizing regional and national regattas, and our team has just won the prestigious Cup. THE BEAR takes pride of being involved in educational and social events, promoting a healthy spirit of competition. This is similar to what we do on our online loan matching service – impose rules for the lenders included in our database and encourage the potential borrowers to choose the best for his or her specific case.

The team from THE BEAR will keep participating in similar racing events, so we suggest you stay tuned and don’t miss out any news related to our extra-curricular activity. Meanwhile, read more about money loans on our Blog and choose your own Champion between the multitude of lenders.